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A unique combination of art & science, Alurent is an artisanal perfumery specializing in affordable hand crafted small batch fragrances created using the finest essential oils and essences gathered from around the world since 1978.

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Alurent Perfumes

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Bespoke Fragrances

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At first it's like dragons blood incense and sweet tarts with a nice musk then it's kinda like blood orange. Very pleasant ...

Joshua R

Hard to pinpoint but I'd say it has strong pine notes and a soft floral, almost fruity finish. Kinda strong out of the bottle but well balanced when on skin. I'm sure someone's own musk will be complimented nicely by it.

Juan G

A great complex scent that is enticing. Starts off citrus but fades into warm notes -- not quite musk not quite spice but rich deeper warm notes that work well for anyone.

Amanda W